Conference Agenda

Thursday 18th January , QEII Centre, Lomdon SW1P 3EE

09:30 - 11:00 Plenary 

Conference Chair, Phil Gibson, Avoca Associates, previously Chair of Innopsis

Dermot Ryan, Director of the HSCN Programme, NHS Digital
Dermot will provide an overview of progress of the HSCN programme to date and the challenge ahead.

Ieuan Trigger, Category Director Network Services, Crown Commercial Service

Graham Hall, Migration Lead and John Matthews, HSCN Commercial Lead, NHS Digital
Procurement and migration

Tim Scott, Group Head of Commercial, AdEPT Telecom
HSCN: it's not just about compliance, it's an environment for creativity and innovation
HSCN is a competitive market place and competitive market places drive innovation in collaborations, technology, functionality and costs.

HSCN suppliers come in various shapes and forms. This choice will provide new solutions to empower staff through technology and deliver cost-savings to help meet budget challenges.

Following a 30 min refreshment break the day continues with breakout work sessions on subjects such as, but not limited to:

11:30 - 12:10 Work sessions

1A HSCN: Implementation lessons and market collaborations
This session will walk-through the lessons learned from early implementations of HSCN services. It will discuss what those lessons have taught AdEPT about the landscape of public and commercial health and social care organisations.

HSCN is an enabler for innovation. AdEPT will show how market collaborations are developing to provide real innovation for Health and Social Care effectiveness.

Garry Drinkwater, Head of Business Development, AdEPT Telecom
Paul Mathews, Head of Business Development, AdEPT Telecom

1B Applying skills and technology to unlock quality and productivity
Lord Carter’s report on Operational Productivity and Efficiency has placed corporate and support services under the spotlight, recommending that Trusts should ensure admin costs do not exceed 6% of their income by 2020.

Addressing this target will be complex and challenging, particularly when we consider the important and positive impact that support services have on the productivity of clinical staff. Ideally, we need to find solutions to deliver high-quality admin services that support improvements in clinical productivity but for significantly lower costs. This session will explore examples of where technology has been successfully applied to deliver this outcome.

We’ll also share our experiences of delivering traditional HSCN services, and demonstrate how this new approach will allow easier shared infrastructure for all the NHS, GP’s, Social Care and private sector health organisations such as Care Homes.

Richard Atkinson, Solution Director, Capita, Public Sector Partnerships
Abby Cable, Solution Director, Capita, Public Sector Partnerships
Gareth Ricketts, Healthcare Lead, Updata Infrastructure

1C How open and honest engagement with NHS Digital is now reaping rewards for the true service integrators and the market
Like other suppliers we have been invited to HSCN Gateway reviews and HSCN programme boards. At the reviews we are told that anything we say will be treated in confidence. Our response has been that we would have no objection to our views being attrubutable. True to this statement Ian will be sharing the views he has presented at these meetings to stimulate discussion that will be of interest to HSCN customers, the programme team and other suppliers. It will also include an update on how MLL views the first 3 months of live operation.

Ian brings a unique perspective with over 40 years experience in IT/Telecoms split between industry and public sector including the development of the Hampshire Public Services Network (HPSN) and as a member of the PSN programme team offering comparisons between them.

Ian Wilcox, Director, Health Sector, MLL Telecom

12:20 - 13:00 Work sessions

2A Connected care - empowering patient-centric Health and Social Care

We passionately believe that our network, heritage and expertise in both Health and Local Government uniquely positions us to support the convergence of Health and Social Care.   This session will look beyond HSCN connectivity and explore how our Connected Care Portfolio can enable Health and Social Care organisations to unleash their digital potential and truly collaborate providing better outcomes for patients.  At Virgin Media Business we urge our customers to buy an outcome not a technology and together we will explore the wider possibilities that HSCN presents for your organisation.

Joanna Watts, Head of Technical Solutions and Innovation, Virgin Media Business

2B HSCN - a catalyst for change?
As we continue our journey to the HSCN, we've surveyed NHS organisations to find out what's on people's minds when looking at migration. Join us to find out what the issues are for this and wider IT challenges.

With security, impact on service and the impact on network infrastructure high on people's lists of concern we'll be outlining how choosing the right partner for HSCN transition provides an excellent opportunity to address all of these challenges.

Jason Hall, Director of Health, BT
Kieron Salt, Health CIO, BT

2C HSCN - delivering digitisation to the NHS
Nathan looks beyond the replacement of N3 to the heart of what HSCN will deliver to the NHS and beyond. Applying real world insight Nathan will explore why HSCN is a real sea change to the way that healthcare organisations can operate.

Nathan Marke, Chief Digital Officer, Daisy Group

13:00 - 13:45 Lunch and networking

13:45 - 14:25 Work sessions

3A Managing digital transformation

Within this presentation we will attempt to share experiences and challenges that many of our Healthcare customers are facing on a day to day basis. Often the term Management is focussed on managing purely technology however within the management hierarchy of many organisations there are many different challenges to understanding current risks to business transformation and optimal use of resources. This presentation explores those challenges and understands the questions that are raised. It also offers advice on areas of focus that many organisations are identifying through assessment and evaluation of risk with relevance to the NHS.

Henry Batten, UK&I Enhanced Technology, Fortinet

3B Insights into high speed connectivity
Based on their experience across a rtange of public sector environments, Andrew will share insights on the successful deployment, management and security of services and applications, enabled by high speed connectivity.

Andrew Saunders, Product Manager, telent

14:35 - 15:15 Work sessions

4A Building Health and Care Communities with HSCN
In this session we will discuss the business requirements of health and care communities and introduce our Whole Systems Approach model. Further to this we debate the technical capabilities that HSCN can offer to support the model, as well as positioning both traditional and new technologies such as SD-WAN.

Mike Badham, Health & Care Solutions Architect, Cisco
Adam Hill, Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco

4B Compliant health care platforms
In this session we will explain how leading authorities have the opportunity to support service reform in improving operational solutions within the health sector, notably:

- Cost savings and flexible pricing, enabling healthcare organisations to reduce capital expenditure and increase financial stability
- Secure, resilient multiservice platforms providing flexibility and scalability, meeting HSCN compliance standards. Allowing customers to prioritise services and departments, ensuring they are allocated sufficient bandwidth during peak times
- Future-ready IT infrastructures, supporting better patient outcomes, removing the burden of maintaining and supporting legacy systems

Jack Richards, Public Sector Senior Solutions Architect, Exponential-e

15:15 - 15:45 Refreshments and networking

15:45 - 16:15 Panel discussion and Q&A
Phil Gibson, Conference Chair
Speakers from NHS Digital, AdEPT Telecom and Virgin Media Business

Please note agenda, speakers and timings may be subject to change

Please note speakers, times and agenda may be subject to change